Suzuki Smart TRE

The Smart version of the TRE is designed so that when the bike is in neutral it will not effect the idle quality which the standard TRE can cause the idle to be slightly rough in neutral. Suzuki motorcycles came from the factory with a different ignition map for each gear. In the lower gears first,second,third and forth the ignition timing is retarded robbing your bike of horsepower and torque.The TRE corrects that! Our TRE module will increase horsepower,torque and throttle response in the lower gears and will eliminate the hesitation and stumble, when you get off then back on the throttle it also will eliminates the top speed limiter where applicable


Installing the TRE is very straight forward and simple, installation requires nothing more than to just plug the TRE into your factory wiring harness, That's IT!

application note

1. If installed on a 2005-2006 GSXR 1000 or a 2006-2009 GSXR 750 the gear indicator will read 5th gear in (all gears) 2. If installed on the 2006-2009 GSXR 600, 2007-09 GSXR 1000 or the 2008-09 Hayabusa the gear indicator will read 6th gear in (all gears)

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